How To Use Data Feeds To Generate Leads

Unlimited Data Feeds | No Setup Fee | $299/month

Add Property Listings To Your Website

Google is adamant that content is (and always will be) the #1 SEO trigger. Our data feed allows you to add massive amounts of unique content with ease. Simply create a data feed with the apartments you want to feature on your website. Export the apartment information and pricing in either Excel or XML format. When you import it into your website, your property listings are created instantly. Imagine adding hundreds of pages of new content to your website instantly.

Online Rental Ads

Through a listing syndication service you can publish ads on national apartment websites like, Zillow, and Zumper. Our data feed will populate all of the required information for your ads. Property name, address, latitude, longitude, floor plans, rent, and property photos. Most services automatically run your data feed once a day so the new price will be updated on your ads automatically. The most recently updated ads usually stay on top.

Searchable Google Maps

For example, write a blog on your website about "High Rise Apartments In Downtown". This generates unique content that will boost your SEO. It also creates a page you can use to advertise your service on social media, and it can be used for outreach to the properties you include in the blog. Easily create a data feed with those high rise apartments listed, and then copy/paste the map to your blog page. Now you have a visual tool on your blog and it shows current pricing.

Email Marketing

After you create new content on your website, you need to drive traffic to it to increase your SEO. It's simply a billboard in the desert if people don't see it. Every email address that comes through your website, and every email address from past clients should receive a monthly email featuring your new content. Our data feed can integrate with any email marketing system like MailChimp, and any CRM that integrates with Zapier so the data you purchase can be used to generate and nurture leads.

Create Unlimited Data Feeds For Your Website & Lead Generation

The instructions to install a data feed depends on where you are using it. If you are using it to populate your website, the instructions are different than if you are using it with a listing syndication service.

Easy Do It Yourself Data Feed Creation

Formats Available For Download

Below are some of the real estate platforms our clients use with our data feeds. If you need a data feed that is not listed, we can usually build one for you at no cost. Give us a call or send us an email and we will do the research.

WordPress Property Listings

The data feed is generated in the popular XML format. The schema and field names are very easy to understand. We use common descriptions so you shouldn’t have any problems understanding the field names and importing the data into your WordPress website.

To import the fields into a WordPress website, we recommend WP All Import Pro plugin. You must purchase the PRO version to import from our live feed. It’s inexpensive and they have excellent support. WP All Import uses drag and drop functionality to import the data. The most complicated part of importing the data is mapping the fields to the theme since every developer uses a different field structure. If you are working with a theme you are familiar with, mapping the data to the fields should be very quick and easy.

XML Data Feed

This is our standard data feed and field structure. If your database needs a different structure, contact us. In most cases we can create additional versions at no cost to you.

<Name>Boardwalk Lofts</Name>
<Phone>(832) 534-9190</Phone>
<Amenities>Accent Lighting, Brushed Nickel, Coffee Bar, Custom Cabinets, Garden Tub, Gourmet Kitchen, High Ceilings, Trash Pickup,</Amenities>
<Management>SUEBA USA CORPORATION</Management>
<Address>122 Lakeview Way</Address>
<ImageString>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, </ImageString>
<ControlledAccess>Controlled Access</ControlledAccess>
<CatsAllowed>Cats Allowed</CatsAllowed>
<DogsAllowed>Dogs Allowed</DogsAllowed>
<WasherDryerIncluded>W/D Included</WasherDryerIncluded>
<BedRange>Studio – 3 Beds</BedRange>
<PriceRange>$1,195 – $3,445</PriceRange>