Frequently Asked Questions

How many apartments are in the data feed?

When we create your data feed, we automatically include every apartment in the database for your city. You will have a username and password to login to the backend so you can remove any property for any reason. The actual number of apartments in the data feed varies by city. You can visit to see the number of apartments in each city.

Are Floor Plans Included?

Yes. Studio, one Bedroom, two Bedroom, & three bedroom floor plans are included with each property.

Are Property Images Included?

The data feed includes a comma delimited list of property images you can reference, but you cannot download the images to your server. When a property is sold or a management company changes, they often send us new images and ask us to replace them on our server. If you download the images to your server you would be publishing outdated images without permission.

How Is The Data Updated?

Our database is updated every night around midnight from 11+ different data feeds we purchase. The entire process is electronic and automatic, we don't perform any manual updates.

What Data Isn't Included?

Commission rates are not included, and move in specials are not available for most properties.

What If Your Standard Feed Isn't What I Need?

If our standard data feed does not have the data you need we can provide a quote for a custom data feed built exclusively for your project. A custom data feed would save your developer weeks or months of time, and allow you to generate revenue faster.

Do You Have Other Formats Available?

Our standard feed is XML format but we can accommodate JSON or EXCEL/CSV format also.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

No. The data feed is a monthly service that can be cancelled with 30 days notice.