Frequently Asked Questions

How many apartments are in the data feed?

Pick your city and scroll to the bottom of the page and it shows (in real time) how many apartments are in the data feed. When we add new properties, the list is automatically updated. When you create a data feed, you decide which apartments to include. You can create one data feed for your website, and a different data feed with different apartments for online marketing.

How often is the data updated?

Our data feed is updated every night at midnight. One of the biggest benefits of a data feed over a spreadsheet is it's always up to date.

Which format is available?

Our data feed is XML format because that is the preferred format by WordPress and listing syndication services. We have pre-formatted data feeds for WordPress, Zillow, RentLinx, Zumper, Google Maps, and Excel. We do not offer JSON or an API at this time.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

No. The data feed is a monthly service that can be cancelled with 30 days notice.

How does the data feed improve my SEO?

Google has always maintained the #1 website ranking factor is relevant content about your product or service. As an apartment locator your product is apartment rentals. Our data feed is the fastest way to create content about apartment rentals. Another ranking factor is Google's "Freshness" Algorithm which impacts any website with content that updates frequently, such as rent prices. When Google indexes your website each month it logs the date your page was last updated. We can set your data feed to run automatically every week so Google can see that your prices are "fresh".

What If Your Standard Feed Isn't What I Need?

If our standard data feed does not have the data you need we can provide a quote for a custom data feed built exclusively for your project. A custom data feed would save your developer weeks or months of time, and allow you to generate revenue faster.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don't offer a free trial because once you import the data, we can't get it back if you choose not to subscribe. Essentially we would be giving you a free apartment database. However, you can request a free testing feed for any market by going to the city page and entering your contact information.

Are commission rates included?

No. Unfortunately the apartments do not make their commission rates public so we can't publish the commission rates. If this changes in the future we are happy to add the commission rates.

Is the data feed difficult to install?

Importing the data feed into WordPress will require basic technical understanding about how your theme is set up. If you've never designed a website with WordPress, you will probably need to purchase our professional installation fee. Using the WP All Import plugin, mapping our data with your website fields is simple drag and drop but each WordPress theme is designed differently so you need website design experience. Unfortunately we've had clients who have hired inexperienced developers and we've had to charge the client to fix their website.

Does the data feed work with every WordPress theme?

Yes. You need to purchase an inexpensive plugin WP All Import PRO that works with every WordPress theme and simplifies any data import. Even if you don't buy our data feed, you will need this plugin.

Does the data feed change the design of my website?

No. The data feed is used on the back-end of WordPress, it does not affect the design of your website. The design is dictated by the theme you purchase.

How often do I import the data feed?

Typically I schedule the data feed to automatically run every week. If you buy our data feed I can give you a free code with WP All Import to automatically schedule weekly imports.

Do I use the same data feed over and over?

Yes. The data feed is live data, it always has the most up to date information. When you open the data feed it takes a few minutes to "load" and refresh.

Important Notice About Property Photos

Are Property Images Included?

We do not sell our image library but we do provide a mobile friendly image gallery/carousel you can reference in your property listing. We have been building our image library since 2005; it's one of the most expensive assets we own. We do not have permission from the apartments to sell the images to our clients. Our images change constantly so referencing the image URL instead of downloading a static image, will keep the featured image on your website up to date. When the featured image changes in our database, it will update automatically the next time your data feed runs.

Are Floor Plans Included?

Yes. Studio, one Bedroom, two Bedroom, & three bedroom floor plan square feet & rent price is included. The floor plan image/sketch is not included. We stopped collecting the images in 2015 because they are very expensive, very time consuming, and we decided to spend our resources on better interior images.