St Louis Apartment Data Feed

Low cost apartment data feed to populate any apartment database, apartment locating website, or third party marketing or listing syndication service.

St Louis Apartment Data Feed

The St Louis Apartment Data Feed is the easiest way to populate St Louis property listings on a WordPress apartment locating website. If you have a WordPress apartment locating website in St Louis or a real estate website in St Louis, our apartment data feed will increase your SEO significantly by adding new and unique content to your property listings. The more unique content, the higher Google will rank your website in the search results. If your website gives renters the ability to search inventory, our data feed is the fastest way to populate the searchable fields. You can automate the data feed to update your entire website as often as you like to show Google your website is not stale. Google assigns a “freshness date” to products if the cost of the product changes frequently. Rentals fall into this category and when Google indexes your website each month, it takes notice of the last time your website pages were updated. Our data feed can run on a schedule in the background so your property listings are updated each week and your freshness date is recent.

Sample Property Listings Our Data Feed Can Build With WordPress. Works with any WordPress theme.

How It Works

Logging into Rental Advisors and adding properties to your date feed is very easy. Next you copy and paste the feed URL into the third party service that is going to run the feed like WordPress, RentLinx, or Google Maps.

After you add properties to the data feed, our system will give you a URL that looks like this:[APi-KEY]. This is the URL you need to copy and paste into WP All Import or RentLinx (or any other third party service that takes a data feed). Any service that allows a data feed is going to provide specific instructions on where to add the URL.

In layman’s terms, a data feed is a new and improved spreadsheet. Instead of having to download a new spreadsheet every time you need to use our apartment data, the data feed always has the most recent property information and pricing because it’s connected to our database in real time.

If you are using it with WordPress and WP All Import, please watch the video below.

  1. Download the plugin WP All Import PRO ($99)
  2. It works with every WordPress theme and custom fields.
  3. The plugin will automatically detect the custom fields in your theme.
  4. Drag and drop the fields from the data feed to WP All Import (it’s easy, I promise).
  5. Run the import and schedule future imports.

This is the fastest way to increase your SEO by using our data feed to publish property listings for every apartment in your area. Google loves content, every property listing brings SEO value to your website. To set up quickly, check out our professional installation.

How To Install The Apartment Data Feed To WordPress

This quick video will help you determine if you can install the data feed yourself or if you need our professional installation.

How Many Properties Are In The St Louis Apartment Data Feed?

Below is a list of the properties in our St Louis apartment database. New construction is added when the property begins the lease up. If you need suburbs or neighborhoods not shown below, let us know and we will add them for free.

*The total number of apartments is listed at the top of the list. Every market has multiple pages of apartments. You can use the navigation arrows at the top of the list to scroll pages, or you can enter property names in the boxes of the column header to filter the list.

Request A St Louis Test Data Feed

If you are building an apartment locating website and considering using our apartment data feed to quickly populate your property listings, we can provide a testing data feed with 5 St Louis apartments. Enter your contact information and you will receive an email with a link to our St Louis testing feed.

Need A St Louis Apartment Locating Website?

We offer turn-key apartment locating websites that include our data feed. Unfortunately many developers don't understand apartment locating and are unable to deliver the website you envision. We've helped launch over 70 apartment locating brands. No company can design an apartment locating website faster than we can.