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How to generate online rental leads with rental listing syndication.

Real estate agents have been using listing syndication to publish their home listings on Zillow,, and other national platforms since 2000. The local MLS automatically publishes the listings using an IDX. As a result, the home listing is viewed by tens of thousands of home buyers. Apartment locators and real estate agents can use a similar process to publish rental listings on,, and other national apartment rental sites. When renters are searching these sites for an apartment, their contact information is emailed to you if they click on your listing.

  • Research listing syndication services that publish to rental sites like
  • Verify they have an option to import your listings from a data feed. Most use the Zillow format or RentLinx format.
  • Login and create a new data feed by selecting the properties you want to include.
  • Follow the instructions provided by your syndication service to submit our data feed.
  • Typically they will set up your feed and publish your listing within 5 business days.
Listing Syndication
Online Rental Leads

Listing Syndication Services

We provide the MLS & IDX to transmit your ad to a third party publisher.

Rental Advisors is not a listing syndication company. We do not publish your listings directly to, or any other rental website. We do not have agreements with any rental website to publish to their platform. Listing syndication is a completely different industry. Rental Advisors serves as your apartment mls, and we provide the idx data feed that transmits the property name, address, floor plan, rent, and property photos to your ads. You must have a separate account with Zillow, RentLinx, Zumper, Red Bird, or other listing syndication company to publish your ads. Just like Realtors use their MLS to publish to Zillow, you can use our MLS to publish to RentLinx.

  • We are not responsible for the quality of leads generated by a third party listing syndication company.
  • You are responsible for all fees associated with the listing syndication company.
  • We are not affiliated in any way with any third party listing syndication company. We do not receive a referral or any financial incentive from any company.
  • We have no control over where your ads are published online. The only thing you can do is choose different properties.
Online Rental Leads