• Apartment Data Feeds

    by Rental Advisors


Content Is King In The SEO Game

"Content freshness is a ranking signal for Google search engine and this means that it’s something that can effect your sites performance over time. If the subject matter of your site’s content is something that changes often and needs to be updated, then you could eventually drift down the search results, passed by competitors with fresher info." ~Google


We Make It Easy

Our data feed is an easy solution to populate your website, mobile app, or listing syndication service. The data feed is an apartment database but instead of a spreadsheet like excel, it’s published online. That way when our database updates, your data feed updates automatically. You don’t have to download new spreadsheets every time.

  • Over 100 fields of property information.
  • Studio, one, two, three, & 4 bedroom floor plans included.
  • Images are available by referencing a URL string in comma delimited form.
  • Works perfectly with WP All Import PRO plug-in.
  • XML format can be used on any platform that accepts a feed.
  • Username and password provided to control the properties in the data feed.
  • Raw data with flexible licensing.
  • The data and pricing is updated daily.
  • No contract. Cancel anytime.

Compare the Map and the Data Feed

What's the difference between the apartment map and the apartment data feed?

Apartment Map
Apartment Map

  • Install the plugin yourself in 5 minutes.
  • 100% compatible with any web page, web builder, or button.
  • Pricing updated daily.
  • Leads sent to your inbox.
  • Small SEO value.
  • No set up fee, no contract.
  • Low monthly fee $99.

Apartment Data Feed
Apartment Data Feed

  • High SEO Value.
  • In most cases you will need a tech person to help you implement.
  • Works with any theme. No design limits. Unlimited downloads.
  • Only works on websites with a database. (WordPress, Sql)
  • Get your website or lead platform up and running 95% faster.
  • No contract. Cancel anytime.
  • Low monthly fee $299.